The New Future of Old Age: The Federal Government’s Research Agenda for Demographic Change

On 30.11.2011, the Federal Cabinet decided the "Research Agenda of the Federal Government for Demographic Change: The New Future of Old Age".

With this research agenda, the Federal Government of Germany presents, for the first time, a cross-departmental research plan on demographic change. With the measures stated in this research agenda, the Federal Government aims to tie together research programs of relevant departments and adjust them consequently to the challenges and potentials of a society of longer lives.

The objective is target research and innovation, which can contribute to the development of new solutions, products and services to foster the quality of life and the social inclusion in old age. In this way, valuable and thus far neglected potentials shall be raised that are hidden in a society of longer life in order to benefit all generations.

We invite you to review detailed information on the objectives of the research agenda, its six research fields, international research activities and on the specific research activities of the federal ministries. And we are confident that you will agree with us that there is a new future: The New Future of Old Age.